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Forensic and Valuation Services (FVS)

Dec 21, 2023

Frank and Josh Epstein delve into the intricate world of M&A disputes, exploring the critical and varying role forensic accountants serve in navigating complex financial landscapes.  This includes an independent accountant/arbitrator, independent expert, or consulting expert.  From the impact of shifting interest rates...

Dec 7, 2023

Current economic conditions are impacting the cost of capital. Carla and Nene discuss a summary of these conditions and estimates for projected economic growth followed by a deep dive into the cost of capital inputs and how they are being impacted in the current environment including risk-free rate, equity risk premium,...

Nov 16, 2023

We discuss with Rumbi Petrozzello, the lead author of the winter 2023 issue of Eye on Fraud, a quarterly publication created by the FLS Fraud Task Force:  

  • What is ransomware?
  • What are the key techniques used to attach IT networks
  • What should forensic accountants do, both professionally and personally, before and after...

Nov 3, 2023

This is not the GAGAS you learned in college!  Today Elizabeth is joined by veteran investigators and close colleagues, Amy, and David, who share their first-hand experiences assisting with government agency investigations.  You will not be reminded what GAGAS stands for but will get practical insights concerning hiring...

Oct 26, 2023

Financial experts provide opinions on whether a business has suffered loss of profits (temporary damage) or loss of value (permanent harm) from an alleged action.

  • What steps can financial experts take to assist counsel and their client
  • What standards should professionals follow

Our guest shares with Josh how the...