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Forensic and Valuation Services (FVS)

Feb 16, 2023

Host:  Nene Gianfala, CPA/ABV/CEIV Chaffe & Associates, Inc.


Karolina Calhoun, CPA/ABV/CFF, Vice President, Mercer Capital

Audra Moncur, CPA/ABV, Partner, Wipfli, LLP


Nene meets with FVS conference presenters Karolina Calhoun and Audra Moncur right after their presentation this past November.  Join us as we dig into the topic of goodwill a bit deeper than your financial accounting textbook did to learn: Major differences between personal goodwill and enterprise goodwill

  • Types of assignments that usually involve personal goodwill
  • Impact of size on the presence of personal goodwill
  • Best practices for personal goodwill assignments

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Family Law and Divorce Engagements - Parts 1, 2, and 3


AICPA-CIMA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference, session: Personal vs. Entity Goodwill

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